Die dunkle Seite

Alfred Kubin, Alfred Hrdlicka und Kandis Williams


In his gallery WORKS ON PAPER Raphael Widhalm-Ledóchowski concentrates – nomen est omen – on prints, drawings and paintings on paper. Carefully selected and presented in an intimate setting art on paper represents a good opportunity for young/ new collectors.

The current exhibition „Die dunkle Seite“ assembles, covering the last century, three positions treating issues of identity; questions, uncertainties and abysses. It begins with this subject´s prime representative and probable name patron to the exhibition Alfred Kubin (his famous novel is called „Die andere Seite“, for all who´ve got it on the tip of their tongues). There are two of his ink drawings serving as basis and preliminary studies for further prints, one sheet from the Weber Mappe, and an extraordinary and rare work in a blend of pigment and glue, the „Kopf“. Alfred Hrdlicka is represented with a dry point, „Antoine Saint-Just“ from 1989; and  the young US-American artist Kandis Williams stands for our time, integrating popcultural elements into her work, like, for example, scenes from a Bruce Lee movie („Untitled (Bruce Lee)“). Another of her prints treats the Kabbalah which – at least in California – experienced a quite popular surge some time ago (darkly I remember Madonna and a small red ribbon around her wrist, supposedly connected with this mysterious and rather complicated jewish tradition), thus expanding those issues of identity by further contemporary, socio-cultural and in the end also commercial aspects.


Julia Maurer











Burggasse 69 (Eingang Hermanngasse)

1070 Wien












Header, 1: Kandis William; links: „Untitled (Bruce Lee)“, 100 x 70cm, Xerox Collage auf Papier; rechts: Untitled, 100 x 70cm, Xerox Collage auf Papier

2: Kandis Williams, „Demeter Persephone Downtown LA“, 117,45 x 108,9cm, Mischtechnik auf Papier, 2014

3: Alfred Kubin, „Kopf“, Kleisterfarben, Aquarell, Tusche auf Papier, 1905

4: Alfred Kubin, „Die Ruhe“, 17,2 x 12,7cm, Tusche auf Papier, 1911

5: von links: Kandis Williams „Untitled (Bruce Lee)“, 100 x 70cm, Xerox Collage auf Papier; Kandis Williams „Untitled“, 100 x 70cm, Xerox Collage auf Papier; Alfred Kubin, „Der Krieg“, Weber Mappe, Faksimile Druck, München, 1903