Klimts Katze in Gold und andere Meisterwerke

Markus Dressler


Another exhibition circling around comics is Markus Dressler´s „Klimts Katze in Gold und andere Meisterwerke (Klimt´s Cat in Gold and Other Masterpieces)“ at Haus Awat. It´s not mainly about mouses, though there is one or the other mouse, but about cats.

Markus Dressler is originally from Krems, has studied at the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts, and is a passionate lover of our purring friends – a trait he shares with Gustav Klimt. And so, in the graphic novel „Gustav Klimt und die Katzen der Wiener Moderne (Gustav Klimt and the Cats of Viennese Modernism)“ he explores the origins of the „Golden Adele“ from a new angle. Of a very different kind is his other series „Mancat and Manmouse in Mission Miou“: a feline superhero and a smart mouse have declared battle on this world´s pharmaceutic corporations. A similiar duo are cruising the depths of space as „Spacecat & Astromousie“.

But there are also single sheets that subversively merge Frank Lloyd Wright´s Guggenheim Museum into a furry cup, or show the Statue of Liberty on the Planet of the Cats drowning in cat litter...

The finissage, taking place on December 6th, also comprises the grand Cat Advent Market (4 to 8 p.m.) with an offer of mulled wine, cookies, photobox, and – of course – unusual gifts that won´t be found at every corner.


Julia Maurer








Haus Awat
Gumpendorferstraße 65/ 6.Stock

1060 Wien








Header, 4: „Der Wachauer Miauer“

1: „Egon Schiele: Gustav Klimt im blauen Malerkittel beim Katzenfüttern 1913“

2: Adventskalender

3, 5, 6: Ausstellungsansichten

7: Planet of the Cats

8: Wer am 28.11. nicht da war, hat die Lesung leider verpasst...

9, 10: (erwerbliche) Geschenke!!