praktisch grätenfrei

Susann Dietrich and Aurelia Gratzer 


Kunstraum arcade in Mödling currently shows „praktisch grätenfrei“ - a well-done cooperation between Austrian artist Aurelia Gratzer and Susann Dietrich who has been resident artist at Krems last summer.

Even though they ground their works on very different bases and use different techniques, one can find echos and parallels in their productions, rendering the exhibition more than just the sum of the individual parts.

Very shortly put, Susann Dietrich´s mostly photographic work gyrates around light and shadow, found objects and the making visible of structures - the inner parameters of analogue photography, so to speak. Both artists work with a high grade of precision. But as Susann Dietrich pictures are of a very transparent quality, Aurelia Gratzer paintings are about density and compression. They ressemble neutral rooms or offices, but rather cataclysmically folded or crashed into themselves, with no space left for a human being. Whereas in her earlier pieces there was still an occasional article of furniture, we now see some sort of spacial excrescence, at least on one of them.

As already stated: We find two very different approaches cooperating and entering into a dialogue, that not only shows contrasts and reflections, but also connections and relations.

There will be a finissage taking place on November 17th, at 6 p.m., where Bettina Ballàka will read from her novel „Kaiser, Krieger, Heldinnen“, and with music performed by Tahareh Nourani and Boglarka Babiczki aka Akhshigan & Lark.


Julia Maurer








kunstraum arcade
Haupstraße 79 (beethovenhaus)
2340 Mödling





Header, 3, 5 : Ausstellungsansichten

1: Susann Dietrich, #7, #8, Sielbergelatinefotografien (Unikate), je 18 x 13cm, 2015

2: Aurelia Gratzer, Antigone, Acryl auf Molino, 140 x 180cm, 2015

4: Susann Dietrich, links: Der Schmetterling und das Licht (Nr. 1-15), Lichtmalereien (Unikate), je 20,5 x 14,5cm, 2014; rechts: Der Schmetterling und das Licht (Fundstück Nr. 14), Fotogramm (Unikat), 25 x 20cm, 2013

6: Aurelia Gratzer, Andorra, Acryl auf Molino, 70 x 60cm, 2016

7: Aurelia Gratzer, Embrace 7, Acryl auf Molino, 71 x 71cm, 2011

8: Susann Dietrich, Mond, Diasec (Nr. 1/3), 40 x 40cm, 2018