Fabian Patzak

Small Works 2015 – 2018

Since last week Galerie Wolfrum shows several smaller paintings by American-Austrian artist Fabian Patzak.

They are mostly watercolours and seem like comments on a voyage, or on incidental perceptions during a voyage, and an attempt to retain them. But one also has to interpret this journey temporarily: the painting „SS President Harrison“ shows for instance an American passenger vessel, captured by the Japanese during World War II, and later torpedoed by an US submarine while transporting Allied prisoners of war. In the appertaining series Fabian Patzak reworks his family´s history, their scarce traces, but nevertheless – or rather especially so – manages  to eloquently narrate a story of war, migration and loss.

More contemporary travels relate to the „Variation“-series: These works cover originally non-Western ornaments wich found their way into Europe, like the two Moroccan patterns found in Italy.

Contrariwise to manifestations is Lucia Ricelli´s exhibition „Vanishing“ in the gallery´s basement. As the title suggets, the paintings are about dissolution and disappearance. Rather not silently secret, though, but definitely spectacular.

Julia Maurer






Kunstverlag Wolfrum
Augustinerstraße 10

1010 Wien








Header, 2: Ausstellungsansicht Fabian Patzak „Small Works 2015 - 2018“

1: Variation I, on a Moroccan Pattern in Italy, 33 x 24cm, Aquarell auf Papier, 2016

3: Apartments on Arnoldgasse (Hanni´s House), 70 x 50cm, Öl auf Holz, 2015

4: Window on N5th Street, 120 x 100cm, Öl auf Leinwand, 2014

5: Ausstellungsansicht Lucia Riccelli „Vanishing“