Robert Gabris 

An exhibition on Love is no easy task. But with „Fragmente“ Robert Gabris manages really well. The title refers to his latest series: four large and abstract pencil-on-paper-works. Like a delicately knitted web the lines spread across the surfaces; or maybe like capillary vessels if one chooses to regard the thicker lines as veins. The three red drawings concern existing love - platonic, naive and dreamt of - whereas the one in blue and orange - bygone love - reminds me of a fading landscape. It is a very ambiguous and deficient feeling Robert Gabris presents here.

The two other parts of the exhibition proceed under the same auspices: in the back room, which treats the love to another person, we find a large drawing of a meadow, but – Mind You! - on painfully neon yellow paper. The preparing sketches depict not flowers and bees, but flowers and hornets or wood wasps. There´s a love letter, too, showing in its intensity the rather manic side of love.

The exhibition´s third aspect is probably the most personable one: here Robert Gabris deals with parental love, depicting them with letters his biological father sent him to children´s home, and intimate portraits of his sleeping foster father.

No easy feeling, this Love.

Julia Maurer





Bildraum 07
Burggasse 7-9
1070 Wien




Header: Detail aus „Erträumte Liebe“, 120 x 60cm, Buntstift auf Papier, 2018

1: links: „Erträumte Liebe“, Mitte: „Naive Liebe“, rechts: „Platonische Liebe“; alle 120 x 90cm, Buntstift auf Papier, 2018

2: „Platonische Liebe“, 120 x 60cm, Buntstift auf Papier, 2018

3: „Vergangene Liebe“, 120 x 90cm, Buntstift auf Papier, 2018

4: oben: „Hornissen“, unten: aus den Skizzen zu „Wiese“; beide 40 x 50cm, Fineliner und Buntstifte auf Papier, 2018

5: links: siehe 4; rechts: „Wiese“, 200 x 150cm, Fineliner 0,25cm auf UV pihmentiertem Papier, 2018

6: „Liebesbrief“, 40 x 50cm, Fineliner und Buntsifte auf Papier, 2018

7, 8: Ausstellungsansichten, links: Studie „Herz“, 30 x 40cm, Fineliner auf Papier, 2014