Ikarus, Köpfe und andere Botschaften

Walter Herrmann

This time in our own interest: Last week the new exhibition „Ikarus, Köpfe und andere Botschaften“ by Walter Herrmann has opened at KUOKA Gallery in Lerchenfelder Straße. And unquestionably I´d reccomend a visit there!

Walter Herrmann MUST draw. One couldn´t call it an addiction or a matter of habit; the drawings, so to speak, just pour out of ihm. Similar, maybe, to the Surrealists´ écriture automatique, but in a graphic language. Asked after the title´s „messages“ Walter Herrmann states that for him drawing is also about finding and phrasing a term, most of the times just for himself, and it should not be stammered. Indeed some of his works are based on writings which he later works over.

He is not disconcerted by the fact that mostly heads appear in his drawings. It just happens, and there is no doubt of heads as the seat of our control centres and interfaces to our perception being important objects. In the end it is not so important what one draws – but how.

Julia Maurer




KUOKA Galerie
Lerchenfelder Straße 85-89
1070 Wien




Photos: Julia Maurer, Walter Stach, Janina Stockfisch