Clarisse S. Praun, Noémi Kiss, Banafsheh Rahmani

Galerie Wolfrum

In their current exhibition Galerie Wolfrum show works by three artists, each having a different generational or cultural background. But what unifies Clarisse S. Praun, Banafsheh Rahmani and Noémi Kiss in this exhibition, is the „liquid“ element in their works.

Downstairs we find abstract medium-sized paintings by the recently passed away Clarisse S. Praun. Although executed in oil they retain a very fluid and easy, even shimmering character.

Banafsheh Rahmani´s watercolours and Noémi Kiss carpet-pieces are on the first floor. In her work, Rahmani, who is initially from Iran, deals mainly with „lust“. And she realizes her musings almost literally, as some of her paintings are of (one could even say) pornographic content – which, in turn, provides a good contrast to her romantically cloudy technique.

Very different again are Noémi Kiss´ carpets. They are cut or burnt out fragments shaped like stains or little mishaps, only much, much larger. The artist, who is also an architect and a philosopher, quite often uses everyday objects and changes and estranges them (and turns as in „Spitze und Beton“, for example, a doily into something very menacing). The pieces shown at Galerie Wolfrum, though, treat small human shortcomings in a humorous and kind way.

Julia Maurer



Galerie Wolfrum
Augustinerstraße 10
1010 Wien


Header: Detail Clarisse S. Praun „Versunken im Eis“, 80 x 80cm, Öl auf Leinwand

1 & 2: Banafsheh Rahmani, o.T., Aquarelle

3: Ausstellungsansicht

4: Noémi Kiss „Schokoglasur“, ausgeschnittener Teppich

5: Noémi Kiss „Liquid Carpet“, runder Teppich, ausgebrannt

6: Clarisse S. Praun „o.T.“, 80 x 180cm, Öl auf Leinwand

7: Clarisse S. Praun „Exotisch“, 90 x 110 cm, Öl auf Leinwand