Two Hearts

Marina Abramovic

For a short while I was thinking about whether I should write an article about the Marina Abramovi?-exposition at Galerie Krinzinger at all. I am sure no one who is interested in art does not know it opened last week. But then, it´s not so often that one of the art world´s superstars visits Vienna and shows her latest work, and for all this, not at a large institution, but in the more or less intimate space of a gallery.

Neither does it lie among my authorities to explain Marina Abramovi?´s works which - already during her lifetime - have become points of reference regarding performance art. (It would be the same with any artist´s work, regardless of recognaissance, but only to emphasize it again.)

Still: What is „Two Hearts“ about? In this cycle, shortly put, Marina Abramovi? works through patterns of dualities: inside and outside, I and myself, young and old, woman and woman. But that´s not all, as who considers two opposites also opens up the spaces inbetween. Expressed like this it might sound esoteric to some. But the works´ severe conception and realization tell this story in a different, a neutral and acute light.

So, maybe the pieces Marina Abramovi? shows in Vienna are not nearing borders, meaning she risks her own life. But they cross borders in an internal sense.

Julia Maurer



Galerie Krinzinger
Seilerstätte 16
1010 Wien



Header: Study for a Monument 1-4, silver gelatin print, 2018

1 & 2: Self Portrait with Quartz Crystal, salt and quartz crystals, 2018

3 & 4: v.l.n.r. Miracle 2; Miracle 4; Miracle 3; Chromogenic print, LED light box, wooden frame, 2018 Photo (4: Astrid Rausch)

5: v.l.n.r. Miracle 1; Portrait with a Goat Head; Chromogenic print, LED light box, wooden frame, 2018

6: Portrait with a Goat Head, Chromogenic print, LED light box, wooden frame, 2018 (Photo: Astrid Rausch)

7: Me and Me II, silver gelatin print, 2008