Art-Altenberger goes Micky Maus!

Gerhard Altenberger


A couple of days ago, on Nov. 18th, Mickey Mouse turned 90! And, also last week and by a very opportune accident, the new KUOKA-Gallery exhibition begun, showing Gerhard Altenbergers adaptations of historical and new Mickey-Mouse-Magazine covers and excerpts.

The series started similarily by chance (and, again, matching Nov. 18th!): The artist had just bought a collection of magazines, was in need for a birthday gift for a friend, just spotted the cover for the date, and there it was, finding its way into his artistic work. After all, who doesn´t like Mickey Mouse? (Even if Donald is considered the cooler and hipper one of the two, one could follow the example, if I may say so, of Mickey´s optimism and stamina...)

Who knows Gerhard Altenberger´s work might have already noticed that time and again he uses pieces from his collections and overworks them. Not only the exhibition´s magazine covers, but also historical shares and musical sheets. By this treatment the original papers become virtually re-embedded into our times, or rather re-appropriated, as one can speak of a free and open appropriation considering Gerhard Altenberger´s recognisable handwriting.

The paintings in the exhibition – whose oldest cover dates from 1968, respectively the latest one from 1993, and whose titles refer to the comics´ famous onomatopoetics („Prassel! Klimper!“) - by all means provide a very fresh and serene comment to the usually rather severe and grave art sphere.


Julia Maurer






Photos by Walter Stach