Dr. Katalin Petschner-Peto


 Dr. Katalin Petschner-Peto (1986), artist

Despite her interest in visual arts in her youth, she graduated as a pharmacist at the Pharmaceutical Faculty of the Semmelweis University in 2010, where she has acquired wide-scale scientific knowledge on the field of chemistry, biology and physics.

Afterwards she learnt drawing and painting with the leadership of Péter Pokorny and applied to the Visual Representation program of the Metropolitan University in 2014. Because of the pharmacy work during the day, initially, she had to learn in part time. As a result of the recommendation by Márton Barabás, the program leader, with whom she also worked on the reconstruction of a Nativity depiction from the XIX. century for an exhibition of the Museum of Ethnography, from the next year she continued her studies as a full time student.

During studying her interest turned ever more obviously towards the connection between the patterns of nature, natural processes and the inner pathfinding, analyzing spatial and temporal similarities. These natural patterns manifest both in her techniques and theme selection, binding science with visual arts. Thanks to this special perspective, with her painting series entitled Endless magnification (consultant: Csaba Nagy) she was awarded at the National Student Conference in the category of paintings.

Her first collective exhibition took place in December, 2017, at the Young Generation Art Fair organized by the Godot Gallery.

Visitors could observe artworks from series “Effect” in the Art9 Gallery Budapest from 28 February until 14 March 2018 at the first individual exhibition of her career.