It is high time to present KUOKA´s offline gallery´s cohabitation-partner trash_design a little better.

trash_design is an upcycling company offering products ranging from lamps and tables to jewellery and notebooks. If you are in need of a cup, you can have one made by them, as well. Each piece is unique.
trash_design get the materials and elements for their creations from the Viennese Demontage- und Recyclingcenter, consisting mostly of old computer parts and dismantled washing machines. But what distiguishes them most from other upcycling organisations is their social background: in a narrow cooperation with AMS and VHS they offer people who are out of job for an already longer duration new opportunities and perspectives.

But it is best to get your own picture!

Julia Maurer

Lerchenfelderstraße 85-89
1070 Wien