The unlikely collision of generally uncoordinated vectors

Sophie Dvorák

In Bildraum 07 Sophie Dvorák shows new work resulting from a residency on Örö, a Finnish island in the Baltic Sea once used as a military base, now more or less deserted.
And – maybe the same way nature reconquers delapidating bunkers – her pieces resemble pioneering plants finding their way into the gallery´s rather severe white cube-situation. They are simlutaneously fragile and archaic: paper fragments have been cast into plaster to become bas-reliefs named after the cardinal points; between drawings which could be seismographic notations we find driftwood of similar layerings; and on a board on the floor the artist has assembled findings of both natural and human origin. The reigning atmosphere is very clear and neutral – slowly a contemplative space opens up for the visitor who is ready to engage with Sophie Dvorák´s work.
A reduced, maybe even minimal, but very striking exhibition.

Julia Maurer

Bildraum 07
Burggasse 7-9
1070 Wien

Header: Detail of „Glitches (sequel)“, Ink on Paper, ca. 350 x 140cm, 2018
1-5: Views of the exhibition