Schatten, Stein und Wind

Christine Reifenberger

Sehsaal in the 5th district of Vienna is at the same time project space and art project. Very shortly put the projects realised there concentrate on all kinds of considerations about space and spaciality – artistic, architectural, but also politic and sociological.

Right now on show is the exhibition „Schatten, Stein und Wind“ by Cologne-based artist Christine Reifenberger. Sometimes her egg tempera-on-paper works lie shrunkenly on the floor, one hangs in front of a painting on the wall, in a way merging with it camouflage-like; others rise and are mounted on the walls in several states of unfolding, some still crumpled, some stretched flat. They move in an area of tension between weightlessness und corporality; they are of a rough but poetic character, looking like structures taken out of nature though created by an artist. It may sound strange, but after my visit I felt like having had a walk through a cool and pure landscape.

For who wishes to meet Christine Reifenberger personally, there´s the occasion on October 12th at 7 p.m.: at entre – raum für experimentelle Bildtheorie (Attention!! NOT at sehsaal but at Mariahilfer Straße 9, 1060 Vienna!) the artist talks with Danila Hölzl about „Shifting Baroque – Wandlungen von Farbe, Fläche und Skulptur“. There will also be a presentation of selected works until October 21st. 

Julia Maurer




Zentagasse 38
1050 Wien




Ausstellungsansicht Christine Reifenberger, Schatten, Stein und Wind.