For another month Unteres Belvedere will be showing „Procession“ - the largest European exhibition of American artist Kiki Smith´s oeuvre to date. More than 60 pieces from three decades picture developments and links: the early work that centres rather concretely on (often feminine) corporealities (as, for instance, the series of vases for different bodily fluids and secretions (photo 3), or sculptures and casts partly executed in „organic“ materials such as wax and cloth) which later widens to encompass animals, myths and oral and written traditions. All this forms a unique, artistic cosmos – romantic and dystopic or at least uncanny at the same time – which is definitely apt to elicit the horror facing our treatment of the environment, too, if one wishes to make a mental connection to the current exhibition at Georg Kargl Fine Arts, „Unfolded Matters“. As is, for example, the piece  „Untitled (Crows)“ (1995/2016): life-size bronze figurines of dead crows that have fallen to earth after an application of pesticides (photo 1). There are many more thematic threads in Kiki Smith´s work, though, as maybe the tapisseries, which alone would be worth a visit, show best – and they all interweave, merge and should not be separated! I, at least, am really glad I still made it there.



Julia Maurer



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Header, 1-3: Ausstellungsansichten Kiki Smith, „Procession“, Unteres Belvedere, Wien 2019