Mariel Rodríguez - Field Within // Sophie Pölzl – My knees are pink floating islands

During the Academy’s general renovation at Schillerplatz, its exhibition project xhibit has taken up residence as xE in Eschenbachgasse 11. It remains a place, though, for curatorial and artistic undertakings, like currently “Field Within” and “My knees are pink floating islands”

“Field Within” is a group show curated by Mariel Rodríguez with contributions by  Abdul Sharif Baruwa, Cana Bilir-Meier, Juliana Borinski, Guillermo Gómez-Peña & Balitronica Gómez (La Pocha Nostra), Verena Melgarejo Weinandt, Stephanie Misa and Érika Ordosgoitti. The exhibition’s thematic centre is constituted by the issue of self-ethnography – its problems and techniques – or else, the search for and dimensions of a self-story or self-tale. Many of the works specifically feature a poem, giving the (little bit corny, if phrased like this) impression of the artists defending themselves against rigid categorizations with the means of poetry.

Sophie Pölzl’s works in “My knees are pink floating islands” can be located at the interconnection of time and space. Having studied in the class of Art and Photography, she shows enlarged prints of scans of stacked, analogue flat films, that have been placed in several locations for a longer period of time. In this manner the pictures are inscribed with the traces of the specific places’ circumstances (like crossing insects), as well as with the duration of exposure – freely reminding of William Henry Fox Talbot’s (1800 – 1877) description of photography as the “pencil of nature”. Even though he probably didn’t have the technique’s abstract aspects in mind, yet.


Julia Maurer






Header, 1, 7: Verena Melagrejo Weinandt, “Interfaces_Entretelas”, 2017

2, 4: Ansichten der Installation von Abdul Sharif Baruwa, “cosmic theater enterprise”, 2019

3: Photo der Videos von Érika Ordosgoitti

5: Guillermo Gómez-Peña & Balitronica Gómez (La Pocha Nostra), “Exercises for Rebel Artists”, 2019

6: Ausstellungsansicht, “Field Within”, rechts: Stephanie Misa, “Eye ( I ) Ei”, 2019

8: Juliana Borinski, “Herstory-telling”, 2019

9: Ausstellungsansicht “Field Within”