On the filaments, there where the plateau rises

Juliana Herrero

Sehsaal currently hosts a work by Argentinian and Austria-based artist Juliana Herrero. “On the filaments, there where the plateau rises" is a sound-kinetic installation (the technical realization and programming was realized by Arno Aumayr): a network of different-sized triangles moves up and down via a system of thin cables, its motionless base reminiscent of a 3D model of a mountain range or map. Small loudspeakers are mounted at various points to transmit location-based data such as coordinates. A moving mountain range, an imaginary cartography - changing things that are usually static, or just continue to form so slowly that their motion cannot be seen with the naked eye. Daniela Hahn's opening text also refers to Borges, on whose work I'm not a specialist but I do have a memory of interlacing spaces - a beautiful analogy. At the opening, too, "Performative dialogues #1" by Yoh Morishita and Julia Müllner took place, a performance that in its dialogue connected and set into relation both "on the filaments, there where the plateau rises", as well as the audience and the space of sehsaal itself. A second dialogue ("Performative dialogues #2") will be staged on December 4th  at 7.30p.m. in the exhibition.




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Header, 1: Juliana Herrero, “on the filaments, there where the plateau rises”, sehsaal, Wien, 2019

1: Performance Yoh Morishita, Julia Müllner, “performative dialogies #1”, sehsaal, Wien, 2019