Fame/Fake/Fail and Fear – Schwarze Melange & Fotografie 2



Probably everybody has by now heard that WUK is in danger of being closed down. Well, let´s hope it won´t come to this, as it would be a real pity to lose this unique space for Vienna.

Artistically, however, WUK sends out two distinct signals at the moment, or has sent, as one of the two exhibitions unfortunately lasted only for two days. It is not easy, keeping today´s torrents of images in mind, to put together an interesting and innovative show with photography. Fotografie 2 was about photography´s parameters themselves, the bases and essentials: light and time, development and decay, material and subject. Representatively for the exhibition with contributions by Boris Jawecki, Ulrike Königshofer, Harald Mairböck, Heinrich Mathes and Claudia Rohrauer, I pick out Harald Mairböck´s work „one.day.light, 21.12.2018“: the amount of light during one day falling on one of four cameras mounted in a certain spot in a room is thus captured and reproduced in one photograph/ moment.

The second sign of life is „Fame/Fake/Fail and Fear – Schwarze Melange“, curated by Eleni Kampuridis, with works by Christian Bazant-Hegemark, Baptiste El Baz/ Konrad Kager, Kamen Stoyanov, Gabriele Sturm, Zentrum für politische Schönheit, Sissa Micheli, Martina Montecuccoli, Eleni Kampuridis and Paul Poet. This exhibition is straight on the political pulse of our time. The single pieces question the use of image, language and staging in a time when facts every now and again are derived rather by feelings only, which in turn is partly because of a certain use of image, language and staging. One could say the exhibition is an attempt to have a look at this complex situation from an inner distance, to formulate a critical, visual question, and to finally achieve a consciousness we all rather need today.



Julia Maurer









Kunsthalle Exnergasse
WUK Werkstätten - und Kulturhaus
Währinger Straße 59, 2. Stiege, erster Stock
1090 Wien










1-7: Fototgrafie 2

1-3: Heinrich Mathes, 2&3: „Rural Monuments, Monument #14“ (& Detail), Silbergelatine auf Barytpapier, 2019

4: Harald Mairböck, „one.day.light, 21.12.2018“, Baryt Silbergelatineprints, je 50 x 50cm, Unikate

5: Ausstellungsansicht „Fotografie 2“, WUK Projektraum, 2019

6&7: Boris Jawecki, „Studie zu: Kornlupe“, 2018 (&Detail)

8-15: Fame/Fake/Fail and Fear – Schwarze Melange

8,9,11&14: Ausstellungsansichten „ Fame/Fake/Fail and Fear – Schwarze Melange“, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, 2019

Arbeiten von: 10 Arbeit von Kamen Stoyanov

12: Baptiste El Baz und Konrad Kager

Header, 13: Christian Bazant-Hegemark, „VR", 140x250cm, 2019 – Für seine Arbeiten hat Christian Bazant-Hegemark ein Programm zur generativen, algorithmischen Abstraktion entwickelt, mit dem er fotojournalistische Bilder dritter appropiiert und weiter be- und verarbeitet, wie in diesem Fall ein Photo von Anthony Devlin von einem anonymen Flüchtlingskind im Auffanglager Calais.

14: Martina Montecuccoli „pas un drapeau“