Stefan Glettler // Stefan Kreuzer

Galerie Gans


The Viennese Galerie Gans currently shows works by artists Stefan Glettler and Stefan Kreuzer. As differing as their positions are, they both broach the issue of habits of seeing and further question them.

Stefan Kreuzer uses a purely painterly vocabulary to achieve this goal: his paintings are abstract and mostly in natural, shaded colours, now and then with graphic elements. In some of them one seems to begin to recognize a form, but the idea vanishes again, moves and takes on a different shape. Spontaneously I would associate his work with Jazz or Riviera – they own a sort of elegant lightheartedness.

Stefan Glettler, on the other hand, picks up organic patterns, hatchings and imprints, which sometimes gather to form a or connect to a motive, and sometimes just remain details – the world is his stock and fund. In this way of roaming between structure and figure he also locates the beginning of the unfathomable, the in-between; of what lies beneath the images.

Both of them, Stefan Glettler and Stefan Kreuzer, succeed really well to draw attention to the bases of seeing and viewing in this exhibition, and to lead out of the usual unawareness.


Julia Maurer











Galerie Gans
Kirchberggasse 4
1070 Wien







Header, 3, 5, 6: Arbeiten von Stefan Glettler

4, 7, 8, 9: Arbeiten von Stefan Kreuzer

1, 2: Eröffnungsabend Galerie Gans – Stefan Glettler // Stefan Kreuzer