Gerlind Zeilner


Hoast is an independet art space in the 2nd district established and run by Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair and Wolfgang Obermair, both artists themselves.

In the current exhibition „Bauhäuser“ Vienna-based artist Gerlind Zeilner shows some of her latest works: three large-format paintings provide a contrast to the rather small room, as well as a drawing which gives an example for the sketches that constitute the paintings´ bases. For Gerlind Zeilner draws literally everywhere – one picture refers to Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv, one to an Armenian shop in Jerusalem, and the third one simply to being stuck in traffic – i.e. situations found in normal, everday life, as well as travel scenes. By way of transformation into paintings, the sketches are loosened and undone, reassociated and modified until they form a subjective point of view, or tell their own stories. The fresh and light colour palette and the easy, graphical way of painting render the images open and free, and are characteristic of Gerlind Zeilner´s work.

Gerlind Zeilner has, by the way, been awarded the Georg Eisler and Anton Faistauer Prizes and teaches drawing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her paintings are shown in several countries around the world, apart from in Austria, as soon, for instance, in Greece.


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Große Sperlgasse 25
1020 Wien


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