One more time is good enough

Secundino Hernández

During normal opening hours and until June 28th the exhibition "One more time is good enough" by Spanish artist Secundino Hernández at Galerie Krinzinger can be visited.

The somewhat unwieldy title could be associated with the shown works, insofar it refers to "let something be / let something be good / let something stay". In Hernández's paintings, everything revolves around construction and destruction; creating, leaving out, washing off. The large-format, chromatically reduced works are, after the application of paint, treated with a high-pressure cleaner. What remains, remains - randomly and without traces of a painterly process, no hand is laid on anymore. Secundino Hernández does not reinvent painting in this way, but one rarely sees pictures like these in such philosophical consequence.

In the large-format silkscreen prints on brown cardboard, the artist proceeds in a similar way: the processed areas remain unprinted; the carrier medium, the brown cardboard, the negative spaces so to speak, are the pictorial sources.

In short, "One more time is good enough" is an exhibition located between opulence and minimalism, ascetic refusal and expressionism. No bad field of tension!




Julia Maurer





Galerie Krinzinger

Seilerstätte 16

1010 Wien










Header, 1, 4, 5, 7: Ausstellungsansichten Secundino Hernández, “One more time is good enough”, Galerie Krinzinger, Wien, 2020

2: Secundino Hernández, “Untitled”, 2019, Hasenleim, Kreide, CC, Titanweiß-Pigment und Farbstoff auf Leinwand, 138 x 104cm, Galerie Krinzinger, Wien, 2020

3: Secundino Hernández, “One More Time Is Good Enough”, 2020, Acryl und Farbstoff auf Leinwand, 201 x 161cm,  Galerie Krinzinger, Wien, 2020

6: Secundino Hernández, “Untitled”, 2018, Hasenleim, Kreide, CC, Titanweiß-Pigement auf Leinwand, 300 x 240cm,  Galerie Krinzinger, Wien, 2020

8: Secundino Hernández, “Untitled”, 2020, Siebdruck auf Karton, 180 x 130cm,  Galerie Krinzinger, Wien, 2020