„(...) above all things (...)“

Cristina Fiorenza


Another painting exhibition takes place in the Wolfrum gallery. That is, if you are quick: basically Cristina Fiorenza´s show „(...) above all things (...)“ should only be on until July 1st, but it is still possible to catch a glimpse.

It would be worth the while, too, as the paintings are beautiful and – if I may say so – agreeable. The colours are chosen with insight, the execution is well done and also after some time looking at it one can still perceive new aspects and levels of meaning. Compared with Cristina Fiorenza´s older work the pieces shown in this exhibition are more dynamic and a pictorial language reminding of expressionism comes to the surface. Personally I like this as for me the paintings thus seem less closed in themselves and it is easier and more fun to engage with them.

By all means a little hurry would be recompensed.


Julia Maurer


Galerie Wolfrum
Augustinerstraße 10
1010 Wien




Header: Detail of „True at First Light“
1: View of exhibition
2: View of exhibition
3: Pink Blues, Pigment, Acryl, Chalk, Oil on canvas, 76 x 65cm, 2016