Chicago, Ibiza, etc.

curated by_ Robert Fleck

Mircea Cantor
Katharina Fritsch
Christopher Williams

Another curated by_ exhibition takes place in Rosemarie Schwarzwälder´s Galerie nächst St. Stephan. Works by Mircea Cantor, Katharina Fritsch and Christopher Williams are loosely and in a very open manner juxtaposed and associated - together they challenge language´s connotations and ready made images.

The show begins with four of Katharina Fritsch´s large-format screen-prints reminding of postcards. The prints´ shapes though are not what we would connect with the depicted places: Chicago, for example, has been shaped like a fish.
Christopher Williams in the next room shows a photograph of a playmate next to a case for transportation of art works between museums.  (A pop-cultural emblem and one of „high culture“?)
In the third and most private room Mircea Cantor shows an installation of little drawings and some video works. In a leisurely way the drawings depict animals mostly hunting/ eating or having sex; one of the videos shows a wolf and some sort of deer or antilope ignoring each other (at least during the time I have been watching).

A good exhibition; for my personal taste, though, maybe too reduced and so, if I have understood rightly, a little bit too obvious.

Julia Maurer


Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder
Grünangergasse 1
1010 Wien


Header: Installationsansicht Mircea Cantor
1: Detail Mircea Cantor
2: Installationsansicht Christopher Williams
3: Installationsansicht Katharina Fritsch
4: Installationsansicht Katharina Fritsch