ARTinvielfalt - Kuoka-Vernissage




For the first time, KUOKA presents an offline-exhibition not in Lerchenfelder Straße anymore, but on a larger scale in 23, Gumpendorfer Straße: ARTinvielfalt assembles a selection from the work of eight KUOKA-artists. And – nomen est omen – the show depicts a wide range of diversity: there are dance-like life drawings by Gerlinde Gröllinger, taking ups on Picasso by Krastyo Todorov, and  - who follows KUOKA’s activities will know them – some of Gerhard Altenberger’s Mickey Mouse-paintings. With Marcus Neustetter and Walter Stach also a collaboration is represented; as well as abstract pieces  by Martin Gubo, abstracted paintings by Luiza Los-Plawszewska, Christina Hartig’s linocuts or small format works by Julia Maurer. One could call ARTinvielfalt a tentative panorama of KUOKA’s many-faceted offer.

The opening on Thursday was a relaxed and easy chance to get into contact with the artists and learn more about their work. Who’s fast, though, can still see the paintings: today (Friday 13th) and tomorrow (Saturday 14th) the gallery will be open from 10a.m. till 6p.m..


Julia Maurer


KUOKA – ARTinvielfalt




Gumpendorfer Straße 23

1060 Wien




1: Arbeiten von Krastyo Todorov

6: rechts eine Arbeit von Christine Hartig und links

7: Bilder von  Luiza Los-Plawszewska


die KünstlerInnen vor ihren Arbeiten:

2: Martin Gubo

3: Gerlinde Gröllinger

4: Walter Stach (ohne Marcus Neustetter, aber immerhin!)

5: Gerhard Altenberger

8: Julia Maurer


9: Express-Porträts von Martin Gubo

10-13: Photos der Eröffnung