Vera Klimentyeva


In times of Tinder & Co. good pick-up lines have again become very important. And accordingly,  the spectrum of strategies ranges wide and far: from almost aggressively direct, via funny, to guardedly polite all variants can be found. NLP trainers use them, too, to point out to their clients new ways of self-improvement and enhanced performance.

In an experiment Vera Klimentyeva, artist and researcher – or researching artist – from Russia, now deals with these phrases in a humorous and yet unmasking manner. Over the time of ten months she met 50 men from 19 countries via various dating platforms, and summarized and documented her observations and experiences on a blog. The „best“ of the encountered pick-up lines she then processed into a silk-screen print postcard series, of which a selection is presented in the gallery.

For the first time, Vera Klimentyeva, who generally treats issues of identity, over-identification and role models in her oeuvre, also shows a photograph from her „Living Doll“-series. In these pictures she dressed up as similar as possible to a Barbie doll. The strinkingness stresses the absurdity and grotesqueness of the longing after quick and superficial appreciation - like on Instagram or youtube - many adolescents - or probably young women, too – covet; and how close this trend that was started in Asia, and is met with either adoration or disgust, lies to regress


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12-14 contemporary
Schleifmühlgasse 12-14
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Header, 4, 5: Vera Klimentyeva, „Pickup Lines“, postcards, silk screen print

1: Vera Klimentyeva, „the Living Doll“, c-print + typography, 40 x 60cm, 2014

2: Vera Klimentyeva, „untitled (2017)“, silk screen print, 50 x 50cm, 2017

3: Vera Klimentyeva, „Rays of Love“, postcards, silk screen print, 2017