07/05 – 22/06/19

Mathias Pöschl



As the title already suggests, Mathias Pöschl´s exhibition „07/05 – 22/06/19“ at Bechter Kastowsky began last week. And similarly neutral as the name, the show itself continues. The way other artists try and tend to fill their works with content and meaning, Mathias Pöschl rather empties them. Most of his pieces are not even mounted on the „normal“ gallery walls, but on especially built-in fittings. Only one window remains uncovered and thus gets integrated into the exhibition, which in large parts is about grids: The majority of the works consist of chipboards covered by thin layers of black reprographic paper, that first has been folded in various ways. The pigment has vanished from these folds -  and several of the sheets connected amount to a grid. The structures, so to say, occur in the material itself, that consequently is no longer a simple means of transport for contents and meaning, but significantly generates them by way of its specific properties. So, it´s definitely okay to speak of the poetics of the material, when speaking about Mathias Pöschl´s art. Or, to take a loan from Marhsall McLuhan, „the medium is the message“.


Julia Maurer








bechter kastowsky galerie
Gluckgasse 3/ Mezzanin
1010 Wien










Header, 1 – 5: Ausstellungsansichten Mathias Pöschl „07/05 – 22/06/19“ Galerie Bechter Kastowsky, Wien, 2019