Stadt der Frauen – Künstlerinnen in Wien 1900 – 1938

Unteres Belvedere


Since the end of January Unteres Belvedere shows the exhibition „Stadt der Frauen – Künstlerinnen in Wien 1900-1938“. Let´s put it like this: Who has seen „Die bessere Hälfte“ at the Jewish Museum and „Der Farbholzschnitt in Wien um 1900“ at the Albertina two years ago, already knows some of the most interesting pieces. Nevertheless, the show curated by Sabine Fellner offers extensive supplement and immersion by covering a range of almost all styles of the time, from impressionism to interior design. And when looking at the paintings by Helene von Taussig one might even imagine seeing a possible, early and too early broken root of Maria Lassnig´s work. (Like so many of her colleagues Helene von Taussig has been murdered in 1942 by the national socialists.) Facing this diversity and strength it´s alluring to think that there have been quite a number of women daring to set their feet into this scene dominated by men – even though it wasn´t easy at all for them to get there, and then to stay there. Berta Zuckerkandl, who really is beyond reproach, for instance praised Broncia Koller-Pinell´s paintings by stating they possesed a true, un-disguised „male energy“. Something that – although I naturally know that the times have changed – in some degree still brings my blood to boil, especially when considering that there still is no gender equality concerning payment, perception and esteem in the art world.

„Stadt der Frauen“ consequently is a very eclectic exhibition, with more connections to our times than may seem at first glance .


Julia Maurer









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Header: Detail aus Ausstellungsansicht STADT DER FRAUEN. Foto: Johannes Stoll, © Belvedere, Wien

1: Broncia Koller-Pinell, Die Mutter der Künstlerin, 1907. Foto: Johannes Stoll © Belvedere, Wien

2, 3, 4: Ausstellungsansicht STADT DER FRAUEN. Foto: Johannes Stoll, © Belvedere, Wien