Pensive State

Irina Lotarevich & Anna Schachinger


Sophie Tappeiner currently shows in her gallery a beautiful cooperation between the two young artists Irina Lotarevich and Anna Schachinger.

„Pensive State“`s first impression is very clear and concise – small ceramics are placed on dark metal pedestals. On approaching it becomes clear that the ceramics are little groups of people, and that the podestals are rather architectural structures or ressemble furniture. The figurines are Anna Schachinger´s work. On the potter´s wheel she folds them inside and out, puts them over and reverses them, until sometimes it looks as if one person is the other one´s seat; some, though, also remain alone. Their titles hint to observations of common everyday life, as, for example, „Readers (With Habits)“ or „Sitting Group (With The Legs Close Together)“ Combined with the metal structures they give the impression of a modernistically fragmented residential building somewhere in Central America (although I can´t quite well explain why the ceramics rouse this association with me).

The wooden, window-like wall objects are by Irina Lotarevich. At first they seem a little bit churchly, but are in reality based on decorative windows from Viennese houses. Some of them are filled or underlayed with blue cloth, some of them point only at the bare wall. The gaze, instead of looking at an outside perspective, is redirected on itself.

„Pensive State“ is a relaxed exhibition about the inside and out, self-reflection, society and the public.


Julia Maurer








Sophie Tappeiner
An der Hülben 3
1010 Wien





Header, 1, 2: Ausstellungsansichten Irina Lotarevich & Anna Schachinger, Pensive State

3: Anna Schachinger, „Knobby Knees“, glasierte Keramik, 19,5 x 20 x 17cm, 2018

4: Anna Schachinger, links: „ Lector“, 21 x 16 x 9cm; rechts: „Barely Staying Awake“, 24 x 12 x 8cm; beide glasierte Keramik, 2018

5: Irina Lotarevich, links: „Small Window 1“, gebranntes Holz, Öl, Textil, 58,5 x 64,5 x 10cm, 2018; rechts: „Evening Window“, gebranntes Holz, Öl, 89 x 120 x 13cm, 2018

6: Irina Lotarevich, „Evening Window“, gebranntes Holz, Öl, 89 x 120 x 13cm, 2018