Sabine Wiedenhofer at Galerie Kovacek

Sabine Wiedenhofer´s works are very attractive: intense colouring, heightened even more by the glass cover, and the haptics the cover itself produces. Supersmooth. At least in my imagination. Still, the object I would have liked to touch most is „TriBeCa, Alexandrite“: it consists of cast glass, that has been polished,  sandblasted and oiled, and one of its variations is presented at this year´s GLASSTRESS in Murano.

As it is no single show but the gallery´s summer exhibition, various other pieces of art and arts and crafts are shown, like, for example, a range of antique vases and glass objects. At first I was a little irritated by this. But at second thought it was recognizable as a kind of dialogue in the history of the occupation with glass as material.

Julia Maurer


Galerie Kovacek
Spiegelgasse 12
1010 Wien