The velocity and the quantity of informations which get generated in the big centers of the world represent the biggest influence on the works of Luís Alexandre Lobot.
The perception of an artist, which grew up in a 22 Million-Metropolis like São Paulo, gets almost bombarded by segments of information. They come from all sites - omnibusses, billboards from shops, scraps of conversations, radios, ambulance and police cars and the noise of the multitude of persons.
All this serves the artist as inspiration for his paintings and drawings.

Influenced by graffiti and other artistic manifestations, together with the futuristic spirituality of the new millenium, he sees in art an escape for his individual existence.Through prespectives, colours and shapes he constructs a particular universe.

 "Chaves. O antes da cidade. Preto e Branco Colorido. O Ruído da Metrópole.“ - „Schlüssel. Das „Vor“ einer Stadt. Schwarz und farbiges Weiß. Das Geräusch der Metropole.“