Marcos Ramos ?ENIVO entered in a deal with the Art at the age of 12, within its first experiences of graffiti. Since that moment on he tagged the streets of Sao Paulo with its performances of ideas, expressions of feelings and wonderings, behind pictures. Enivo assures that all changes and differences in his operas are doors and portals towards new forms. Considering technics, consciences and expressions like a transforming cycle.
Each new series created means to be a result of what has been done before, but also it means to be a step forward to new findings. In spite of all that creativity it also shows up a strict continuance into new possibilities of creating.   Apart from that art of free expression on the streets of Sao Paulo and in his Atelier, he also performed in many public campaigns and designed showrooms of companies. Graduated in Art by the Faculdade Paulista de Artes, he also works as an art - teacher, in part of knowledge and experiences with teens, focused on researches and producing art. He is founder and partner of the A7MA Galery, where he works as curator and manager of exhibitions.